SL.NO Item Book Value
  Capital Elements :  
  A.Tier I Capital elements  
  (1) Paid up capital 9476.33
  Less: Accumulated Losses and Short fall in provisions 0.00
  (2)net paid up share Capital 9476.33
  (3)Innovative Perpetual Debt Instruments(IPDI) 0.00
  (4) Reserves and Surplus  
  4.1)Reserve Fund 383.46
  4.2)A.C.S.F. 13.67
  4.3)Capital Reserve 46.70
  4.4) Other Reserves(D.E.F,Risk Fund, Building Fund,T.A.F.C.G.F) 364.35
  4.4) Surplus in P&L A/C 0.00
  Total Tier I Capital 10284.51
  B. Tier II Capital elements  
  (a)Undisclosed Reserves 0.00
  (b)Revaluation Reserves 0.00
  (c)General Privisions and loss Privisions 0.00
  (d)Investment fluctuation Reserves/funds 39.92
  (e)Innovative Perpetual Debt Instruments(IPDI) 0.00
  Net Tier II Capital 39.92
  C.Grand Total (A+B) 10324.43
II Risk Assets:  
  A.Adjusted value of funded risk assets on balance sheet items (PART-B). 88098.72
  B.Adjusted value of non-funded and off balance sheet items (PART-C). 13.67
  C.Total Risk Weighted Assets (A+B) 88112.39
3 Percentage of capital funds to risk weighted assets{I(c):II(c)} 11.72